annual report design

Annual Reports

An annual report project starts differently than some other design challenges – typically with a story. What story should the report tell this year?

While the report will contain financial must-haves, we consider the story along the way. Is it a story of change or success or learning experiences? How can this story influence, predict or make shareholders and employees reflect on the year pas and think about the year to come?

We think of the annual report as a branding piece that helps “your people” better understand the company they are a part of.

The other important consideration when it comes to telling the story is to maintain the brand and brand tone. Is the organization generally reserved or more light-hearted? We like to inject that voice so it comes through in the design of the company reports.

Second, make the data visual. An infographic is one of the most valuable tools to use when it comes to reports with loads of numbers. We read through data and information and develop ways to showcase the data visually, always brainstorming new ways to show the impact of data in the report.