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Reach Your Audience

Good branding is the short, sweet and simple message you communicate to consumers at a glance. Think of branding as your company or business’s “elevator pitch”; it’s what creates differentiation between your company and the competition. Want to reach your audience? Read more… That’s why it’s important that branding is cohesive and, well, on brand. […]

Fonts: Serving Different Purposes

Many people hold strong opinions about different fonts. Some believe Curlz and Comic Sans look juvenile and unprofessional, while others argue that Trajan and Papyrus are overused on movie posters. In fact, the marketing team for the hit movie Avatar received harsh criticism for the use of Papyrus. But why do people care so much […]

How much do Apps cost?

How much do Apps cost? I get asked this question daily (at least on business days) and try to equate it to buying a car. It’s possible to buy a used car for under $5,000 that should be perfectly adequate to get you where you need to go. Similarly buying a new car can run […]