Business Apps


Business Apps

Businesses that embrace and utilize Smartphone capabilities through mobile apps can

gain a leading edge with consumers and generate greater business by taking

advantage of iPhone, Android, and iPad Apps.

86% =

the amount of time U.S.
consumers spend using mobile
apps when on their Smartphones


5 ways Mobile Apps can generate business for your company


The App icon, your company logo, energy line, colors, fonts, and screens allow users to easily remember your company, and stay in contact at the touch of their screen.


Your customers benefit from the ability to order products/services on the go anytime, anywhere. Business swiftly connect customers and your company, allowing access to your products and services via the touch of a button rather than users having to search for your website with a browser — an often cumbersome and frustrating process that costs customers precious time, and can negatively affect your business.


Websites and storefronts are typical ways to generate revenue, but what about adding greater customer access to your products and services, and therefore potentially greatly increasing your business? With a business app your customers can make reservations, purchase products, and connect with your company directly in a few quick taps.


Push notifications can quickly allow you to send customers time-sensitive calls to action, as well as useful and valuable information about specials and coupons.


If your business app helps your customers swiftly access your goods and services in a straightforward and useful way, they’ll use it often, and share their positive experience with colleagues, friends, and family.