Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Sometimes, it proves difficult to grab readers’ attention through direct mail. However, Generate Design incorporates clever headlines, striking photography and a clean design to catch the eye of the consumer receiving the piece.

Creative mailers are one of the most challenging types of marketing collateral to design. The temptation is strong to simply try to replicate past successes and stick with what you know works, but if you want to truly succeed, you have to be willing to take a risk and try something new.

Not every design has to completely reinvent the wheel. The important thing is to find some way to set yourself apart from your competition – whether that’s a creative new type of packaging or simply an attractive logo.

Here are 12 tips we use for creating an innovative piece that is fresh and has an impact.

1. Create a mascot or character

2. Explore subtle textures

3. Use die cut windows creatively

4. Get confrontational

5. Tell recipients what’s inside

6. Find engaging ways for recipients to open

7. Try special finishes

8. Show off your product

9. Seal your envelope in a unique way

10. Think outside the box

11. Include a free gift

12. Provide something useful