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Magazine design increases the readership interest and loyalty to magazines. Generate Design crafts eye-catching layouts through the use of poignant callouts, readable fonts, and stunning photography.

You can pick the best magazines by their covers. A cover without a dominant image is a magazine without a focus. an old cliché says you cannot judge a book by its cover, but if we apply this phrase to magazines it is just the opposite. Readers do judge the magazine by its cover. A good cover page should force a potential buyer to make a decision to buy a magazine. A good cover is the sales figure or distribution driver for your magazine.

Important Design Rules we have made for our firm:

  • Cover models should look straight at the camera. Eye contact is important.
  • Each cover needs one dominate headline that will stand out in size, color and attitude.
  • Divide the cover in three sections. Big one with main cover line, smaller one with few cover lines and the smallest one with few more cover lines.
  • Orange never looks good if printed in traditional CMYK process, so if it on the cover print them with additional spot color.
  • Green is the least used color on cover pages and red is the most popular. Whichever we use, we make sure we have a contrast between colors.
  • The main color has to be different than the one used on the previous issue. Buyers mistakenly replace the new issue with the old one or sometimes won’t buy it.
  • Myth: Black covers don’t sell. They are wrong.
  • For smaller cover subtitles, preferably use black text or white if the background is dark. For larger subtitles it works well to use colors.
  • Photography connects with readers and sells more than illustrations on the cover page.