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Mobile App Development

Generate Design has created apps for a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs, including coaches, venture capitalists, doctors, dentists, salons, and restaurants. By building apps, Generate Design helps companies’ services become easily accessible. Generate Design’s smartphone applications are visually interesting, easy-to-navigate, and specifically tailored to the needs of individual clients and users.

Opinionated App development

Opinionated App

The Opinionated App is the ideal mobile survey tool, allowing users to gather others’ opinions or preferences quickly and without hassle. Ideal for researchers, focus groups, and political campaigns, this app is also designed to suit individual users.

Frigi-Temp App

Developed with Frigi-Temp’s philosophy of business, “We are here to serve,” in mind, the Frigi-Temp app makes placing maintenance requests speedy, accurate, and on the spot. Take a picture, report the issue, and a tech is dispatched with tools and parts necessary to fix your refrigeration equipment issues. You simply choose how you’d like us to respond to your request – by email or a phone call. You can also request our service history on your equipment, report any issue that you may have with any of our technicians, and report any recent unresolved issues with a piece of equipment.

Frigi-Temp App development
Mapping the Left

Mapping the Left App

This App combines data, research, and news articles to show the political Left’s infrastructure in North Carolina. For decades, the liberal/progressive movement has mostly been invisible to the general public. MTL was created to educate citizens and policy makers. In addition it is a repository of important information which adds transparency to the largest liberal funders and participants in today’s North Carolina political battles.

Votetracker App

Whether a political insider or a regular citizen interested in political campaigns, users of the VoteTracker app can stay updated on early voting trends and in the know as to which party is turning out its followers. NCVoteTracker.com breaks down the ballots through a myriad of factors, including party, gender, race, and age, and provides charts and graphs for visual comparison. Allowing users to enter their zip codes and track their political representatives, VoteTracker provides users with consistent, up-to-date information.

Votetracker App Image


Restaurant owners and general managers are among the most busy people in the food service industry. This app caters to the always on-the-go professional by offering expertly designed and helpful organizational tools. This app allows users to place all of their contacts and unique information into one app, and incorporates a QR reader for swift data entry.

Purveyour App

The Purveyour app is a multi-faceted fashion resource that redefines users’ shopping experience by listing the best shops in each city. This app also allows users the unique ability to search by brand, to create a shopping itinerary, and keep track of favorite stores and brands.

iPhone App Android App Purveyour App
Community Safety App

Community Safety App

The Community Safety App’s is designed to help make high school and college campuses safer across the United states. Students can download the App for FREE and stay in discreet contact with campus security, send tips and photos without alerting the assailant, and receive push notifications for emergencies or inclement weather. Registered users can access profile customization, including details like medical conditions, food allergies, and more, so when a Tip is submitted, the school has details on the user’s identity and background, along with their location.

The Hunt Institute App

This App saves thousands of dollars in printing and shipping materials, allows for an interactive experience with the speakers and audience (audience can pose questions through the app), receive last minute push notifications when a speaker’s event location or agenda is changed, and allows users access to scores of documents before, during, and after national conferences.

The Hunt Institute App
MyGame Day App

My GameDay App

A social media app that connects fans and tailgaters worldwide, the My GameDay app focuses on users’ game day experience, allowing them to share photos and videos with friends.

Collection X App

The Collection X mobile app was designed and built with a wide range of car enthusiasts in mind. This app allows anyone from the novice to the most discriminating car aficionado a place to collect and label images of their favorite cars, take notes, share with other users, and connect across social media with like-minded vehicle admirers.

Collection X App
Il Palio Restaurant App

Il Palio Restaurant App

The Il Palio Restaurant app allows users to make reservations, get app exclusive specials, receive push notifications for last minute deals, and much more. This app broadens and deepens user experience of one of Chapel Hill’s premier dining locations, and is a must-have for any local gourmand.

Lux Salon App

Take that new you selfie and post it on the Fan Wall. Receive push notifications for weekly specials available only to app users. The Lux Salon app allows you to share with friends and stay connected with Lux Salon. Use the Lux Salon app to request appointments, receive exclusive coupons, view current salon services, access our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, and view our photo gallery.

Lux Salon App
Wirick & Associates Dentistry App

Wirick & Associates Dentistry App

The Wirick & Associates Dentistry App allows users to easily make appointments receive appointment reminder messages, and provided healthy teeth tips and ideas at the tip of a finger. Wirick and Associates focuses on effective dental care as well as education for proper dental hygiene and preventive care. This app allows users to request an appointment, receive important notifications and updates, browse available procedures, and receive valuable coupons.

Sunstates Security “Push for Safety” App

Protecting the citizens they guard, the Push for Safety App is the first line of defense and warning, allowing users to immediately send mass notifications, submit text and photo tips through a confidential messaging system directly linked to the administrator and security, schedule an escort, and ask non-urgent security or safety questions. This app also allows users the ability to access campus maps and/or floor plans to facilitate a safe escape.

Sunstates Security
iPhone App Android App FanView App

FanView App

The FanView app keeps fans connected. Available for use with both iPhone and Android, this app cuts through the distraction and clutter of busy feeds on other social media, and connects fans from pre-game, during, and post-game. Users can check-in, share photos, and interact directly with other fans. Users may also customize color scheme and background to match their favorite teams.

Harvey’s App

Easily place orders for seed or fertilizer right from the field. Farmers can now literally sit on their tractor and place orders without having to wait until the end of the day or interrupt their work to stop and find a computer. This app also gives the customer the ability to schedule pickups or deliveries of the products they order.

iPhone App iPad App Harvey's App
iPhone App the Pinky Girl App

The Pinky Girl App

Create your own monograms for use with texting, email, or social media. You can also use these monograms for wallpapers and backgrounds This app offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns with the ability to make in-app purchases for unique patterns and customization of monograms.

The free version of this app allows users to create and save unlimited monograms with a sample of several colors, two shapes, two fonts, and two textures. Purchase of this app unlocks many more designs, shapes, fonts, and color choices.

Funeral App

This app allows users to quickly search and make a donation directly to a deceased person’s charity of preference, or to the funeral home to help offset the burden of funerary expense. The Funeral App changes allows users to search obituaries, connect directly with family members of the deceased, and allows users to receive instant alerts.

Funeral App