Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

Pantone’s Color of the Year, 2019, is Living Coral.

A daring yet soft color highlighted by Pantone for people to truly recognize. The color of the year is a bold statement shadowing its ever-calming essence. But before we delve deeper, let’s swim around on the surface-level things first. (Pun intended)

The color itself can be viewed the way you view other colors—just a shade of pink, or its own color by itself—ordinary. Its value, however, holds onto people through more than shades. When comparing Living Coral and Neon Pink, one gives off an enjoyable aesthetic while the other is blaring and chaotic, yet, they are of the same color classification. You know how some hues are just nice on the eyes and pleasant for the mind? It’s a color that you look at and you feel at peace. A fun, sweet color that feeds the soul.

A Subtle Influence?

Color is such a vitally important part of Graphic Design, influencing us psychologically, pathologically, and altering our moods in subtle ways. Our thoughts, feelings, and predilections are moved and adjusted based on the colors we perceive. Does Pantone hope to alter our consciousnesses through manipulation of values and virtues? I suppose that depends on what you think the color really says.

Living Coral, by its name, refers to the marine animal inhabiting the oceans, providing habitats, protection, balance and biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems. The same Aquatic ecosystems that are being consistently damaged by excessive run-off, causing overgrowth in Algae, algal blooms, which are a factor of coral bleaching and organism depletion. Serious issues that on the surface can only be tackled through awareness, and willingness to get involved. They need to be managed before it’s too late; Living Coral as Color of the Year is in essence, something that can bring awareness to a large environmental issue of interest simply though a color.


Through Living Coral, I see a color that people enjoy; a color that is reliable. It’s calm but empowering, it’s happy but determined, it’s sorrowful but peaceful. A color that is indescribable yet whispers many adjectives, a color that can influence the popular society and younger generation of contemporary styles—a modernistic influence. It is a good theme, a good balance, a good presence. Use this year’s color with the purpose you see fit.

Read More about Pantone's color of the year on their website!

Read More about Pantone’s color of the year on their website! Click on the image to visit their page!


Cindy Li is a designer, illustrator and animator living in the Raleigh Durham Area. RISD Cindy Li is a rising senior at Cary Academy, North Carolina, and is currently visiting Generate Design to learn more about graphic design and its business. She is a prospective animation student who is actively engaged in the 2D AP Art course at her school, and creates commissioned artwork for individual clientele and products via websites. She hopes to be able to contribute in the creative industry by creating introspective pieces, and appealing to a greater population who share in her interests for life with her art. While she is primarily interested in animation, she also dedicates time to understanding design, digital media/art, and traditional crafts.

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