Take Back Control of Your Website!

Take Back Control of Your Website!

Take Back Control of Your Website!

How much does updating your website cost you? If your website is five years old (or older), chances are likely that you’re pay a designer to update your website. Every text edit, every photo, every item costing you money.

Let me imagine the scenario: You have a small change that needs to be made – perhaps a spelling error or you’d like to have another person added to your staff page. It involves one picture and two lines of text. Your designer says that they can make that update for you but it’s going to cost you… and maybe more than you’re expecting depending if it’s a problem. You know that if your team had the opportunity to get in there and make that change, they could fix that problem in a few minutes.

The problem is that the website requires access your team doesn’t have, and knowledge of programming languages that they don’t all understand. Every touch, regardless of complexity, is costing you money. Hundreds of dollars a year, if not more.

With WordPress, making a website avoids the headache of reading HTML5 and CSS3

Is Your Website Out Of Your Control?

Why suffer under a web designer who feels like they’re doing you a favor? They control when the website will get updated, how the update will happen, and how much the update will cost. If you could get access to it, it looks like a string of unknowable gobbledegook. Why can’t changes be faster and cheaper?

Consider converting your current website over to a WordPress or other content management system (CMS website). The systems allow pages to be added quickly, adjusted on the fly, and work with a system visually similar to Microsoft Word. Any team member can be given access, allowing anyone to make adjustments quickly and easily without incurring a huge hourly rate.

More and more people are using smart devices to access the internet. With mobile such a large portion of the market, have you taken any time to consider the benefits of switching to a mobile-friendly website with WordPress? HTML sites do not take mobile website design into account, and are subsequently devalued by search engines like Google. Having a responsive website is not a luxury, but a necessity in our world. As your wordpress website is built for you, the designers will integrate this from the group up, ensuring this works easily and seamlessly. Is your site mobile-friendly, or just a smaller version of your website? If its not, perhaps it’s time to make this a reality.

Wordpress post and page creation looks just like MS Word, making it very easy to use

Making It A Reality

At Generate Design we build websites by hand, custom WordPress configurations, and anything that needs to be done to bring your business brand to your audience. We work with small scale businesses, medium-sized companies and enterprise-level corporations. We help position companies to look bigger and friendlier, and then turn the reins over to your team— but not everybody does!

If you are spending $50 a month on website changes and upkeep, then you’re spending over a thousand dollars for small changes every other year. And there’s no end in sight. With every overhaul or big change to your site, it might be another $2000 that you’re spending. Imagine if your team could control things themselves? Who knows your company better than you or your team?

take control of your website with a custom WordPress build from Generate Design

Consider working with Generate Design to change your existing website over to one in which you can add pages, make text and photographic changes on your own without having to pay a designer. Add pages for special offers, let your marketing team create landing pages on the fly, and take back your website.

Isn’t building a website from scratch expensive? Yes, it can be. However, if you have an existing website, it may be quite affordable to convert your existing site into a content managed site. Imagine having the ability for your marketing team to add pages and product-relevant blog post at the drop of a hat. Imagine being able to update pages with new offers and services, new photos, text changes and more without having to wait for a designer to finish their current project, or to work it into a schedule not focused on you, the customer.

You can see real changes in real time. Not only that, but you have the option of being able to go back and fix any previous errors or mistakes at the drop of a hat. Think about the money that you’re spending every year. Wouldn’t you rather have the choice to spend that money at a time that’s appropriate for you and your business? Don’t pay for someone to make changes whenever they feel like it… Take back total control of your website and your content!

As a business owner who has taken control of his website, this man is truly happy. Are you?



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