Generate Design, one of the highest-rated website design raleigh companies, takes pride in its substantial portfolio of websites. After 20 years of working closely with clients throughout the Triangle, Generate Design has perfected its website design method. First, Generate Design learns extensively about its client’s business before beginning the website design process. After Generate Design fully grasps its client’s goals, designers craft multiple website layout options uniquely tailored to the client’s needs. Once the client approves a design, a seasoned website developer builds the website on Generate Design’s staging server. Then, the website developer provides the client with a link, so that the client can “test drive” the website and make final edits prior to launching. When the website finally goes live, the client can come into the office to receive a tutorial on website maintenance – updating text and photos. Furthermore, Generate Design offers supplementary assistance with website enhancements, custom software integration, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Trilliant Website

Trilliant helps deploy a broad set of smart grid initiatives such as advanced metering, distribution automation, demand response and distributed energy resources.

Triliant Image

Organic Leaf Skincare Website

Organic Leaf Skincare uses sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic, and healthy skin products. Their mission is to deliver the healthiest and most effective skin care products, while protecting the future of our planet through conscientious and green practices.

Organic Leaf Skincare website

Il Palio Website

This upscale, Four Diamond Italian Restaurant recently underwent major renovation, as well as a complete revamping of their website. Developed with Il Palio’s intimate and classic style in mind, the new website is vibrant and immediately engaging. Now fully responsive and mobile friendly patrons can use the Il Palio website to easily view the menu, find information on location and hours of operation, and quickly make reservations from their mobile devices.

Il Palio Website

BuildSense Website

BuildSense provides full service architecture and construction across a wide range of styles and design periods, and offers renovation and additions services as well. Their mission is simple: make excellent, custom, beautiful, site and climate-specific houses available and affordable to more homebuyers. Known for its Green design principles and sustainable, energy efficient, comfortable homes, BuildSense is not only dedicated to their client needs, but conscious of and responsible to the communities and environments in which they work. The website reflects this company’s dedication to functional and beautiful design by focusing on previous projects, exceptional photography, and easily accessed information.

LipiFlow Website

Dry Eye is a progressive disease, and without appropriate treatment it can worsen over time. A ground-breaking treatment, LipiFlow soothes dry eye symptoms with its revolutionary technology, backed by over 25 years of scientific research, and returns comfort to the lives of millions of people who formerly suffered from severe Dry Eye. The website serves as a multifunctional educational tool about the symptoms and dangers of Dry Eye, offers quick and easy tests to help users determine if they are suffering from the disease.

LipiFlow website

Nash Produce Website

Nash Produce is one of the largest cucumber and sweet potato processing facilities in the United States. With a management team of over 30 years experience, a grower base spread over a 120 mile radius, over 35,000 acres committed to crop production, and 600,000 square feet of storage, their products and services are unparalleled. Nash Produce is dedicated to offering superior customer service and the highest quality produce, while sustaining advanced food safety and traceability initiatives. The website reflects the company’s environmental and sustainability efforts in farming, while presenting the user with an inviting, warm, and informative design.

Meraki Salon Website

Meraki Salon endeavors to promote a business primarily focused on people through innovation, creativity and sustainability. Their passion for a green and eco-friendly environment is supported by not only the products they provide but also through ongoing education, to ensure they reach this goal effectively. Our goal was to convey this and more through their website.

Meraki Image

Quantified Nutrition Website

A clean design makes it easy for viewers to shop for high performance products and stay informed. The classic black and white photography enhances muscle tone and definition – exactly what Quantified Nutrition’s products provide.

Quantified Nutrition Text

AstroTurf Website

Since 1965, AstroTurf has been a household name for durable indoor/outdoor sports turf. Through decades of research, testing, and development, AstroTurf has evolved to be more and more like natural turf for, offering a range of heights, color variations, plushness, etc. The website educates the consumer about AstroTurf product line options, provides extensive information about the science and use of artificial turf, and keeps visitors up-to-date with major company projects.

Astroturf website

Josh Woll + Stills Motion Website

Okay, we had some of the best footage to work with as assets on this project. Josh Woll has worked on numerous projects that require a range of talent and equipment. From the highly awarded show “A Chef’s Life” to “Hendrick’s Championship NASCAR Race Team” Josh Woll captures the emotion, intensity and details.

Conveying Josh’s passion for getting behind the camera and doing his magic was our main focus. The purpose was to highlight his work without taking away from the creativity and integrity of his work. Josh has gone on to work with more high profile clients like Ford, CNN, Blue Cros Blue Shield and The Biltmore.

Josh Woll website

NSI Lab Solutions Website

NSI Lab Solutions was founded in 1982 to operate reference materials program for the USEPA. Today NSI Lab Solutions continues to manufacture and certify reference materials, reagents, and proficiency testing samples for applications ranging from classical water chemistry and microbiology, to solid and hazardous waste analysis, meeting international quality standards every step of the way. Designed to highlight the company’s energetic and client-focused mindset and mission, this website uses a bright, contrasting color scheme, forefronts essential company contact information for easy reference, and provides visitors with all the information they’re searching for through great attention to detail in page arrangement and swift navigability.

NSI Website Website

My Trimonio Website

Most of us have spent some time searching on Craig’s List. Have you ever tried searching for wedding venues, wedding florists, entertainment, wedding dresses, caterers, cakes, hair dressers, decor, limo service, bands/dj, beverages, etc.? Almost impossible and take s hours to jump from one subject to another. MyTrimonio eliminates the hurst’s of search by combining all the local available services on website.

Creating a complex website, with an easy-to-use interface was a challenge that we were up to. The solution, a simple navigation bar with “What” and “Where” Check it out…

The Siena Hotel website

Compass Consulting

Compass Consulting, a Raleigh-based, small-business consulting firm, works with a variety of clients, including custom home builders, bail bond agents, software consultants, non-profit organizations, schools, and more. To effectively assist clients with financial and tax-related needs, Compass Consulting emphasizes QuickBooks and accounting and political campaign compliance reporting. Compass Consulting’s website is highly accessible, and its straightforward menu allows clients to easily retrieve information about Compass Consulting’s useful services.

Triangle Dentistry Website

Since 1968, Triangle Dentistry has assisted its clients in achieving peak dental health. Triangle Dentistry helps clients prevent dental disease, and it creates individual treatment plans for its clients. To emphasize Triangle Dentistry’s commitment to improving its clients lives, its website highlights client testimonials, community events hosted by Triangle Dentistry, and contests patients can enter to win prizes.

Youth Forward Website

Youth Forward collaborates with nonprofit organizations, schools, and local government to benefit the youth in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. It believes that all children should be valued and supported to succeed in life. Youth Forward’s website features a vibrant color scheme that mirrors Youth Forward’s positivity and optimism. The website also contains a straightforward menu with pleasant iconography that provides visitors with useful resources.

Visit NC Concierge Website

Visit NC provides uncommon travel experiences that showcase the best culture, history, and geography North Carolina has to offer. Both newcomers to the state and long-time North Carolina residents can take advantage of Visit NC’s unique services. Visit NC’s website features a complete list of the company’s tours, including pricing and dates. Furthermore, the website includes convenient links to Visit NC’s informative e-newsletter, blog, and Facebook page.

Greystone Website

Greystone Ltd., a real estate investing company, prides itself in being the first to bring a fully-integrated SFR platform to local investors. Greystone understands that each partner investor has unique objectives, and it strives to fully-understand its clients’ individual financial goals. Through a black-and-white color scheme and architectural imagery, Greystone’s website establishes a sense of stability and trustworthiness.

Shah Capital

Shah Capital, a global investment firm, prides itself in being “sector agnostic,” as it looks for opportunities to help grow businesses across many sectors. Shah Capital’s website was designed to have a cosmopolitan feel, and it showcases the company’s modernity and world-class services.

Mike Young Homes, Inc.

For almost 30 years, Mike Young Homes has constructed high-quality homes in established neighborhoods for clients in the Triangle. It prides itself in being one of Raleigh’s leading custom home building companies. Mike Young Homes’ website features stunning photographs of its home-building projects throughout Raleigh.

Rivercrest Realty Website

How did we make static shopping centers look interesting? Through the usage of time-lapse video. People visiting this website typically spend much more time on the Home Page than a typical website. Once engaged, people move through the flow of the website to get to the information they need or make contact with Rivercrest Realty Investors.

Rivercrest Realty Website

The Sportsman’s Doctor Website

Online prescription medication ordering has grown in the past three years. Joining this new wave is the Sportsmans Doctor who provides premier First Aid Kits containing medication for traveling, elevation sickness, tick borne illness, bacterial infections, nausea, motion sickness, and much more related to men’s health.

We wanted to create an adventuresome look and feel to the website – but first be prepared! Using a combination of healthy lifestyle, travel and outdoorsman imagery, we were able to merge together the purpose of the Sportsmans Doctor and lead the viewer down a path of prevention so that they can enjoy their next excursion without illness!

Earwood Dentistry Website

Friendly, approachable and comfortable describes this dental practice. Since 1999, Earwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has served the people and families of Raleigh with high quality dental care. Dr. Earwood takes time to know each patient personally and learn about their dental health goals and personal preferences. Dr. Earwood has a reputation for being professional and comforting in a relaxing atmosphere.

Setting up photoshoots of the interior and patient interaction was imperative in getting across the culture of Earwood Dentistry. Making every patient feel welcome, special and comfortable is the ultimate goal.

Earwood Website

Navicerne Website

Navicerne provides experienced guidance for management teams and business owners seeking to build their companies through strategic alliances and partnerships, investments, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Employing a nautical theme in the website design, we selected images that conveyed charting a course, reducing risk, and navigating the challenging waters ahead.

Navicerne Website

Old Peak Finance Website

Not a big box financial planning firm. Or a medium size firm that tries to use a template to guide clients. Old Peak looks at each client as a unique person, with different needs, experiences, thresholds, and goals. Every client relationship starts with a detailed financial plan. This takes about a month and involves multiple discussions with you and in-depth review of several dozen documents like brokerage statements, wills, tax returns and insurance policies.

The personalization balanced with the establishment of trust and credibility is woven into the design of this website. Using a combination of strong, everlasting scenes along with leadership videos that speak directly to the consumer, this boutique advising firm offers a unique brand position in a competitive industry.

Harvey’s Fertilizer & Gas Company Website

Founded in 1871, Harvey Fertilizer & Gas Company provides agricultural products and services to growers across eastern North Carolina through its 21 retail locations. Committed to providing the innovative products and solutions today’s growers require in the constantly evolving world of agriculture, Harvey Fertilizer & Gas remains firmly rooted in their founding principles of community connection and service. The website was designed with the company’s history in mind, but emphasizes Harvey’s Fertilizer and Gas Co.’s focus on the needs and concerns of the modern day agricultural specialist.

Western Blvd. Presbyterian Website

A community that makes everyone welcome. This church embraces all people, celebrating differences. They also express gratitude daily, recognize that all we have comes from God and we are compelled to respond with love and humility.

This love for humanity inspired us to design a website that expressed this love through photos of people and conversational messaging. The church continues to grow in its mission to be a vibrant community church reflecting the Kingdom of God.

Blue Soul Maui Website

As a premier guiding company, Blue Soul Maui offers private waterfall hikes, snorkeling and outrigger tours, surfing lessons and board rentals, guided road to Hana tours, and hikes through bamboo forests, waterfalls, and mountains. Specializing in creating a fully customized and amazing vacation experiences, Blue Soul Maui’s website reflects and beckons to the adventurer’s spirit with inspiring photography creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Kingsmans Club Website

Designed for men seeking camaraderie, accountability and purpose. The website describes how men have been transformed through Kingsmen, an organization empowering men to discover their identity, purpose and authority.

Along with a distinct design, the messaging was well crafted  – “What does it take to be a man of purpose—the leader in your family, at work and for life? Give us just 90 minutes of your time…and change your trajectory forever.” – engaging the website visitor to take action.

Kingsmans Club website

Transparency Auto Glass Website

Transparency Auto Glass repairs and replaces broken windshields, glass, and mirrors in all types of vehicles. Furthermore, it works with insurance companies to meet clients’ auto glass and windshield needs. Transparency Auto Glass takes pride in the expertise and customer service of its technicians, and it provides a lifetime guarantee on all of its services. Its website allows visitors to quickly and easily get a quote on repairs and replacements.

Transparency Auto Glass Website

Motor Carrier Safety Analysis (MCSA) Website

Compliance, Safety and Accountability involves everyone within a fleet company. It’s very important that you understand the algorithmic process involved in determining your company’s safety profile, and why it’s important to review them. Motor Carrier Safety Analysis (MCSA) researches and analyzes these algorithms to ensure that client organizations continue to strive for best safety performance and receives the most accurate ratings possible. This website was designed to offer a sense of authority and expertise in the industry, and does so through direct and active images and swift user interface.

Motor Carrier Safety Analysis (MCSA) Website

Zest Cafe Website

Zest has a reputation for fresh food made daily using locally grown produce and products. With an ever-changing menu of contemporary American fare, always characterized by creativity and a healthy outlook, we built a website that was easy for the restaurant owner to update daily using a mobile device.

Also Zest sells contemporary home art brimming with fun and whimsical gifts, home furnishings and home entertainment products. We wanted to present a distinctive look for the home art getting the shopper excited about new and ever changing, unique home furnishings for sale within the store.

Zest Cafe Website

Vista L&C Website

Vista Life & Casualty Reinsurance Company masterfully creates reinsurance structures that produce surplus and and risk-based capital benefits for clients. Its navigable website features beautiful vista imagery to create a sense of calm and positivity.

Elite First Aid Website

Elite First Aid is an industry leader providing a variety of first aid, trauma and medical kits, as well as custom built kits for the U.S. Army, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Embassy, U.S. Air Force, EMS Units across the United States, and Shooting ranges.

Our intention was to create a clean, easy to navigate on mobile device, website that took the viewer on a short journey to get to the exact type of first aid kit they needed.

Elite First Aid Website

Planworx Website

A premier architectural firm serving the Southeast, Plainworx pursues excellence in commercial and residential architecture, construction administration, and land planning. The company strives to integrate intelligently balanced creativity, feasibility, functionality, and value into every project. Specializing in new home, a multi-family community (apartment, townhome, senior center, or condominium), addition/renovations, and commercial construction, the mission and promise of quality and dependability are the focal points of this website’s design and function.

Planworx Website

Karin Singleton Website

Karen Singleton, a personal trainer since 1995, works closely with her clients to help them lead healthy lifestyles. Singleton believes in a holistic approach to wellness, and she strives to improve the balance in both her clients’ bodies and daily lives. Singleton’s website emphasizes her numerous services and rich experience as a personal trainer. The color scheme of lavender and slate blue reflects a sense of tranquility Singleton hopes to instill in her clients through her work.

Jacobs Capital Website

Educating clients so they understand the alternatives when buying or selling a company, Jacobs Capital prides itself as one of the top firms in the region helping companies with an annual revenue of $10-$50 million, navigate through the complex process of a merger or acquisition. We used directional images ranging from a boardroom to pen ink indicating the importance and permanence of “inking” a business contract.

Jacobs Capital Website

3PL Website

Experts in logistics and fulfillment software consulting, purchasing, setup, integration and training, 3PL Composer helps companies become more efficient and improve their bottom line dramatically in a short time. Giving the viewer an immediate impression that 3PL Composer serves the shipping industry, we utilized fast-paced video paired with action images and a simple “one-touch” of the button to initiate a conversation.

3PL Website

Gugenheim Law Website

Committed to representing the victims and families of victims of nursing home negligence and assisted living neglect, Guggenheim Law exclusively handles and prosecutes nursing home and assisted living cases. They have achieved outstanding results for their clients, including some of the largest verdicts and settlements for nursing home and assisted living cases in the State of North Carolina. Featuring soft colors and sophisticated design, this website conveys a sense of sympathetic awareness to victims of negligence and neglect and their families, while also seeking to inspire the level of trust and confidence prospective clients need to pursue their cases with the assistance of Guggenheim Law.

Gugenheim Law Website

Raleigh Harpist Website

This elegant website represents Laura Byrne, a classically trained, professional harpist. Equally at home on the concert stage or as a soloist, Laura is available to play for all types of special occasions and celebrations. Her vast repertoire of classical, popular, and jazz standards resonates with guests of all ages, and adds that perfect touch of elegance and sophistication. This website offers reviews of Laura’s performances, samples of her work, and information about her availability as a teacher.

Raleigh Harpist Website

Nay Orthodontics Website

A leader in cutting edge technology, Nay Ortho uses Damon Braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, as well as traditional braces to accomplish the best bite and aesthetic look possible for their patients. This website design reflects the positive and clean environment, provides significant product and procedure-related information, and features the exceptional results of the orthodontic team.

Nay Orthodontics Website

MedStaff Website

A leader in the locum tenens and permanent physician placement industry, Medstaff maintains a well-earned reputation for excellent service through unmatched experience, speed, and reliability in placing the highest-caliber medical caregivers promptly and professionally. With exclusive agreements with thousands of healthcare providers nationwide, Medstaff offers registered nurses the unique opportunity to travel, along with exceptional career flexibility.

Medstaff Website

Air Purification Website

Air Purification Inc. is able to provide the right solution for healthy, compliant air purification quality, from source capture fume extractors to portable, explosion-proof HEPA vacuums, ambient free hanging systems, NFPA compliant multi-station dust collectors, and self-contained downdraft wet collectors. Website development focused on clean lines and a contemporary design with information arranged for user convenience.

Air Purification Inc. Website

MyEZ PetFinder Website

This website offers users who’ve found a lost pet to post pictures, add a description and location of the found dog or cat, and a way for the pet owner to reach the finder. If a pet is lost, the owner can post free of charge. With the option for users to share their posts immediately on Facebook and Twitter, the MyEZ PetFinder website is much faster way to unite owners and their lost pets, than putting up signs and posters.

MyEZ PetFinder Website

Cypress of Raleigh Website

The Cypress of Raleigh features a beautifully landscaped campus with unique benefits of home ownership and an unparalleled collection of amenities to enhance precious leisure time. This website was crafted to highlight this exceptional community which combines an array of lifestyle services with easy access to quality, on-site health care. This website emphasizes the welcoming environment at The Cypress of Raleigh and features video member testimonials, among other informative sections.

IMST Website

Founded in 2005, The Laboratory for Integrated Manufacturing Science & Technology (L-IMST) is part of North Carolina State University. Its mission is to promote economic development by leveraging the resources of North Carolina State University to enable partnerships among industry, the military, and the University and Community College Systems in the State of North Carolina. Chief technical thrusts now include reverse engineering, near-net-shape parts on demand, and structural health monitoring using sensors, wireless communications, and non-destructive test methods. This website was developed to fit NC State’s departmental website formats and regulations, but provides the user with a sense of cutting edge technology and the excitement of ongoing research and development.

 The Laboratory for Integrated Manufacturing Science & Technology (IMST) Website

Beacon Appraisal Website

In a competitive housing market the company that offers the best service and the best quality provides the true advantage for their clients. In the real estate appraisal industry, The Beacon Appraisal Company maintains and offers attention to detail, a thorough understanding of the industry, and exceptional customer service. These trademarks guide and define the company in providing quality appraisals. This website conveys The Beacon Appraisal Company’s commitment to their standard of excellence through the use of clean and uncluttered design that inspires well-deserved trust in current and prospective clients.

Beacon Appraisal Website

Heritage Urgent Care Website

Quick and convenient. This website had to be easy to find and help the user quickly find the comprehensive medical services offered at Heritage Urgent Care, from pediatric to geriatric medicine, to treatment and management of wounds and orthopedic injuries. In many cases, they are a better alternative to an ER visit.

Chartrounds Website

Saving lives one at a time via virtual “rounds”, this website was created as a multipartner venture among Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Vail Valley Medical Centers, and connects world renown experts with practicing oncology radiologists and surgeons. Through a private, HIPPA compliant, face-to-face session, doctors can bring their difficult cases to experts in radiation oncology, and find solutions or adjust treatment plans for patients who otherwise would not have access to the most specialized and advanced care possible.

Chartrounds Website